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Why do we conduct seminars

In this era of Globalization, we need to have global compatibility to survive and grow. Our exposure to various education systems and cultures will help us to analyze the current requirements and trends in educational opportunities at the International level.

Since the last 15 years, the number of students studying in the USA and Canada has been increasing significantly. But  there are many students and their parents who are unaware about the opportunities in further education abroad and scholarship requirements. With an objective to provide exact information about the procedure, affordability and the quality, the time table for required admission test preparations, application process; FACT has been organizing seminars in Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Aurangabad, New Delhi and various other locations in India and abroad.

We have observed that with the Internet explosion, information is available to the students at large. But there are many students who are over informed. They are simply ignorant about how to analyze the said information. Hence, there are myths and misconceptions about pursuing education abroad. FACT, with a strong experience of placing more than 15000 students in the USA and Canada universities, share our knowledge through our Seminars.

Every student cherishes a dream to have a  career in the area of his/her major. And after 12th Higher Secondary examination, the student has to take steps to achieve his/her career goal. FACT, with its expert professional Career Advisors can guide the student to select the right path. These seminars are informative to to the prospective students about the process and the steps involved in education abroad.

Parents are more worried about the security of their children. They are quite anxious about the lodging and boarding facilities abroad. These Seminars offer them a platform to get the answers from the parents whose children are already pursuing their studies at the abroad universities.

To conclude, we can assure that, one who is attending the seminar will get-

  • To know the intricacies of the abroad education in simple language.
  • To understand the various fields that one can pursue the career in.
  • To study the pros and cons of this process.
  • To know the economic liability in the entire process.
  • The answers to their queries.
  • To interact with parents of students who have received scholarships.

For more details on upcoming seminars and registration details, please log on to!seminar-schedule/c2daa

-Team FACT

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What’s NEW:

We have brought together an effective and time saving method for training of entrance exams. Everyone knows about the concept of online classes, but very few know how to use it to its full advantage.

Technology is a very powerful tool and we, at FACT know how to use it for our students’ benefit.

We have started using a comprehensive method that resembles the concept called ‘Flipped Classroom’. We are sure that this implementation will bring tremendous improvement in test scores.

-Team FACT
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